• Orofacial Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with The TeleDentists to offer Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit

    We are excited to collaborate with The TeleDentists® in offering the Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit to their urgent care patients that have acute jaw pain, mild head and neck injury, and TMJ flare-ups.  Patients can conveniently contact The TeleDentists® and schedule a consult on their phone or laptop within 10 minutes, day or night! The TeleDentists’ […]

  • Orofacial Therapeutics Named Top 10 Pain Solution Provider

    Here is news about Orofacial Therapeutics, one of the founding partners of FaceMyPain.com. Orofacial Therapeutics was named a Top 10 Pain Solution Provider by MedTech Outlook, a magazine for the medical industry that focuses on new ways of tackling healthcare challenges. Orofacial Therapeutics was selected for addressing facial pain in a manner that is low […]

  • When Acute Pain Becomes Chronic

    Acute or Chronic? When addressing any injury, it is essential to know and be able to distinguish between acute pain and chronic pain. Sudden acute pain is usually an  indicator of an injury, trauma, or illness, and it does not usually last longer than six months. It generally resolves itself once the underlying cause for […]

  • What is JAMSS?

    JAMSS is the acronym for Jaw And Muscle Sprain/Strain.  A jaw strain occurs when the fibers of the muscles in the jaw are torn or wear thin. A sprain happens when the ligaments in the jaw are stretched too far. The severity of the injury depends on how many of the fibers of the muscles […]

  • Why Are Women More Susceptible to TMJ Pain?

    Do you have frequent headaches, shoulder tension, or tightness in your jaw or neck? This may just be a side effect of your stressful lifestyle, and can be relieved or cured with a good massage or glass of wine—but they could also be symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, also known as TMD. While receiving […]

  • Sports Injuries of the Head, Neck, and Jaw

    Athletes of many popular sports are at risk of specific injuries, including injuries of the head, neck, and jaw. As they are closely related, trauma to one often impacts the others. Trauma to any of these parts can result in facial injury, face pain, headaches, concussions, and, commonly, TMJ disorder. What is TMJ Disorder? Sports-related […]

  • How Stress and Injury can Trigger TMJ Issues

    Suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) can add stress to your life—but stress can also influence or even trigger TMJ issues. One of the toughest realities of having TMJ is that it is a multifactorial problem, meaning there are multiple triggers and causes of the disorder with many of them overlapping and influencing each other […]

  • Undetected Jaw Trauma Associated with Chin Lacerations and Blows to the Jaw

    Facial lacerations are extremely common in childhood and  frequently occur among sports-related injuries in adults. A chin laceration is a tear in the flesh or skin and learning how to treat them can help circumvent complications in healing. Understanding the jaw’s relationship to the head, neck, and back will aid in recognizing less apparent injuries […]

  • TMD Management

    A Historical Perspective Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) comprises several co-occurring conditions that affect the anatomy and functionality of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is the joint that connects the lower jaw (mandible) to the skull (temporal bone). TMD has been reported in between 3.7% and 12% of the population and is three to five times […]

  • Correct Poor Habits Early to Prevent a Lifetime of Issues

    If you are suffering from extended bouts of pain in your jaw, neck and head, it might be as a result of Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD). This excruciating condition is caused by issues in the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)—the joint that connects the jaw bone to the skull—and can take some time to heal. Issues in the […]